Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sugarcubes - Deus

This is one of the most fun atheist songs I know of. It's one that didn't horrify me when I was a believer because I just didn't notice it even though I listened to my "Life's Too Good" cassette until it was worn out and then replaced it with a CD copy. After I came to my senses, this became one of favorite catharsis songs. I particularly liked to drive around listening to it on Sundays, especially if I was on the way over to family gatherings with my kin folk who still believe in so much non-sense. Also, back when this came out, who knew that Bjork would become a household name and that the Sugarcubes would remain obscure? And, one final note, the orchestrated version, which is a bonus track on the CD of "Life's Too Good", is completely awesome. If you don't have it already, you need it.


by Sugarcubes

Deus does not exist
But if he does
He lives above me
In the fattest largest cloud up there
He is whiter than white and cleaner than clean
He wants to reach me

Deus does not exist
But if he does I always notice him
Getting ready in his airy room
He is picking his gloves so gently off
He wants to touch me

I'm walking humbly down a tiny street
Pulling my collar - it gets bigger

I once met him
It really surprised me
He put me in a bath tub
Made me
Squeeky clean
Really clean

You must
The forbidden fruit

He said "hi!"
I said "hi!"
I was still clean

Deus does not exist
But if he does he'd want to get
Down from that cloud
First marzipan fingers then marble hands
More silent than silence and slower than slow
Diving towards me

My collar is a huge room for two hands
They start at the chest and move slowly down

I thought I had seen everything
He wasn't white and fluffy
He just had sideburns
He just had sideburns
And a quiff
He said 'hi'
I said 'hi'
I was still clean
I was squeeky clean
I was surprised
Just as you would be

Deus, Deus
Deus, Deus, he does not exist
Deus, Deus...

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